Hello, and thanks for your interest! For pricing inquiries, please reference the table below. For illustrations that fall outside the outlined portrait types, please fill out the commissions form with what you’re looking for, and I will respond with pricing options.

5x7 inches
8x10 inches
12x18 inches

Watercolor Portraits Pricing

5x7 inches$80.00( + $50.00 per extra person/animal)
8x10 inches$150.00( + $100.00 per extra person/animal)
12x18 inches$330.00( + $150.00 per extra person/animal)

Shipping costs additionally apply.

Please click the “Commission Me” button below and fill out the Google Docs form to initiate the process with me:


I have a certain number of commission slots open each month. I will let you know upon inquiry where your slot will fall, so you can decide if that timeline works for you.


After we’ve corresponded and come to an agreement on the artwork, the price, and the timeline, I will send you an invoice via PayPal to request payment; most likely, I won’t do this until the start of the month that I will begin to work on your commission. I accept payment upfront; I will not start work until payment has been received. Refunds may only be issued in the event that I have not yet started work on your piece, and you contact me with a wish to cancel your order.


When you commission art from me, you’re acquiring the right to own and enjoy the item – but not the right to reproduce it.

What that means is that I retain copyright of all works of art I create, unless specified otherwise (and compensated appropriately) in a signed contract. This is true whether or not the final piece is a traditional painting or a piece of digital media.

You may not make copies of my work to sell for profit. You may not remove my artist signature or otherwise obscure artist credit for the work, either. You are free to have prints made for personal use, of course!

I will make my own prints of any commissions that I deem appropriate for my print shop and sell them there – but that will mostly apply to popular character illustrations and the like. I won’t make prints of your family portraits and sell them (that’s just weird! Haha). I will generally post display images of all commissions, however, so if you want to commission me, but you want to keep it private (or, if it’s a gift for someone, and you want me to wait to display it for surprise’s sake), let me know ahead of time.

Bottom line is: don’t commission me and then turn around and sell copies of my work. 🙂


If you commission a watercolor painting from me, you will receive the physical painting, unframed, and protected in a plastic sleeve with rigid inserts for envelope integrity. You will need to provide me with a shipping address. All US domestic packages are shipped with tracking via USPS for the additional cost of $10.00. Currently, I am only shipping outside of North America on a case-by-case basis, and shipping prices will have to be calculated based on your specific conditions.

If you commission a digital painting from me, you will receive a full-resolution PDF or TIFF file of your image. Please provide a working email address for the delivery.